Hermanos Conde

Guitarra flamenca. 1994

Flamenco negra

A punchy flamenco macho sound.

Hand chosen

Pre-owned by a well-known and respected Spanish guitarist.

Shellac finished

Light shellac finish results in strong sound attack.

Very comfortable

Guitar is extremely comfortable to play.

About the instrument / What is it?

A flamenco guitar made in 1994 with back and sides of Indian Rosewood (palo santo de India), German spruce top and ebony fingerboard. The guitar was previously owned by well-known and respected Spanish guitarist (more information in this respect can be provided privately). This gentleman was my teacher at the time and would only choose the best guitars from the luthier, so be assured that this particular example sounds exceptional. He'd constantly take guitars back and exchange them when he found one he liked better :-)

Detailed views

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    Roseta/Boca - Beautiful red/green

    Unusual but nevertheless beautiful red/green roseta/boca.

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    Perfect sound - German spruce

    Beautiful close grained German spruce tapa. Naturally fitted with a golpeador.

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    Palo santo de India - Indian rosewood

    Gorgeous shellac finished dark rosewood.

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    Machine head - Fustero

    I believe these Spanish machine heads are no longer made.

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    The Label - The Original

    Guitars are not made any more under this name.

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    Puente/bridge - matching palo santo

    The construction quality is just superb.

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    Original cleaning cloth - 20 years old

    Kept this one stored away.

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    Headstock - de Gloria

    Just lovely.

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    Indian Rosewood - palo santo de India

    Needs to be played to appreciate the sound.

High Quality Sound and Aspect

Are you interested? / What we can do

The instrument is for sale. In the first instance get in touch and it can be presented using Skype or similar.


Initially the guitar can be viewed using high definition video Skype or Google Hangouts.

Personal visit

I'm close to a major airport so making a visit to play the instrument is no problem.


Guitars are handled by all major transport companies and as the guitar comes with a hard shell case this should not be a problem, although insurance is highly recommended.

Extremely macho flamenco sound

Get in touch

Get in touch and I'll reply as soon as possible and we'll see about demonstrating the guitar.

Our information

The instrument is located in Spain